Hand-Stamped Jewelry Art

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by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

In a mass-produced world, hand-stamped jewelry is perfect for shoppers seeking distinct and meaningful gifts to mark holidays and individual milestones (such as birthdays, graduations, new homes, weddings and parenthood) as well as providing inspiration, sending a message, noting an accomplishment or holding life-saving information.

Of course, some will make their own, some will have a store-bought item etched--but most will be looking for gifts they can have customized to their request. With stamping tools and supplies, designer-artists are able to create hand-stamped components for one-of-a-kind jewelry, scrapbook pages, photo albums, home décor and more. Here's how:

Hand-Stamped Jewelry Art

  • Stamping materials
    Use prefabricated blanks for convenience, or create unique blanks using metal sheets, polymer clay, Apoxie® Sculpt or a range of metal clays, including Art Clay®, PMC®, Prometheus® and more.
  • Metalsmithing Tools and Supplies

  • Ideas and Inspiration
    Turn to magazines, books or online projects and tutorials for step-by-step projects or for ideas and inspirations.

    These resources will help you create in specific mediums, as stamping techniques for metal blanks don't translate as well to soft materials such as polymer clays.

  • Hand-Stamped Jewelry Art

  • Tools
    Don't forget the tools needed to create such personalized components. Stamps and punches feature a range of patterns, symbols and multiple font styles, so designers can meet almost every request. Striking tools such as hammers are necessary for stamping metal sheet or components, as are metal anvils or blocks. Meanwhile, gently pressing a stamping tool by hand into either polymer or metal clays creates enough depth to take a stamp. After that, just bake or fire the clay as instructed on the label for a personalized component.

Hammers and Malletes

Then, be ready for customer demands by stocking up on supplies for creating pendants, finished necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bookmarks, cuff links, lapel pins and other gift items. Have a variety of metal finishes on-hand to serve customers who are metal sensitive or looking for mixed metal styles including polished and antiqued versions of silver, gold, copper and brass, as well as the ever-popular gunmetal finish. A three-day show allows you to create custom components on day one and have them ready for customers by the morning of day three--just use Vitrium air-dry resin!

Offer a range of blanks for customers to choose from, then stamp the pieces while they watch, creating customized jewelry in the wink of an eye. Check out the range of prefabricated stampable components, stamping tools and the supplies to make unique blanks for personalized, stamped gifts. Then create individualized jewelry, components and gift items that customers can lavish on their loved ones at any time of the year, for any reason and at any occasion.

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