Staff Happiness Can Lead to More Productivity and Efficiency at Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you have full control over all operations at your beading company. While this can be seen as a blessing, it's also important to understand that there is a slew of responsibility that comes with being an entrepreneur as well.

One of these responsibilities is making sure that your employees are happy and motivated to work for your business. Without a driven staff, your chances of finding success may be hindered. Although it may seem like a frivolous concern, keeping an eye on the overall mood of your employees can make sure you're operating like the well-oiled machine you strive to be. Here are some tips on how to keep your staff members happy, whether they're working directly with customers or handling distribution.

  • Define employee roles

    One of the easiest ways to make sure your staff members are always happy to be working is to routinely explain each individual's role at your beading company. Although this might seem unnecessary, it's important that each of your employees understands that they are valuable to your business. Not only can this potentially improve your employee retention rate, but it can make sure that your staff is motivated and ready to fulfill expectations.
Staff Happiness Can Lead to More Productivity and Efficiency at Your Business

  • Fit individuals to the right positions

    Another way to make sure that your employees are satisfied in their roles at your company is to put them in positions that they genuinely enjoy, according to the Ventura County Star. For instance, if you know that one of your staff members is social and loves interacting with customers, perhaps you would like to give him or her a position at the front counter of your store. If an individual has a knack for Web design, maybe you would like to make him or her in charge of your company's site. Making these small efforts to satisfy your employees can go a long way when it comes to boosting the morale of your business as a whole.
  • Make your staff proud to work for you states that employees who are proud to work for a specific company are more likely to be happy and interested in carrying out their daily responsibilities. One way to do this is to participate in local events, donate to charities and get your name out in the community. Think about asking your staff which type of charities and events they're interested in to make it a group effort. In the end, you can create a sense of pride at your business in addition to doing some good around your city or town.
  • Look after your staff and show compassion

    If you want to show your employees that you truly value them, go above and beyond the call of duty. Get to know all of your staff member's names, even if you have more than a dozen employees working for you. Take an interest in their opinions and issues in the workplace--even if you can't resolve a specific problem, you'll at least show that you care and give them an ear when they need it.
  • Provide perks to your employees

    Many entrepreneurs are already strapped for cash, especially while in the initial stages of building their business. However, there are certain affordable perks that you can provide your employees to boost morale, according to CBSNews.

    For example, if you require your employees to wear company shirts while working, go the extra mile and buy high-quality, soft fiber tees to keep them comfortable. When it comes to individuals doing grunt work in the backroom, think about bringing in cozy chairs with adequate back support for those long hours. In the end, these small investments can go a long way when improving the mood of your staff.
  • Create new business traditions

    One of the most common ways that business owners typically choose to reward their employees is to create certain traditions. For instance, you might want to think about bringing in bagels for your early-morning workers, or snacks once a week for all of your employees. Many companies also provide schedule flexibility as an incentive to their staff--shorter summer hours and casual Friday are common at businesses.

    Although you don't have to use these specific ideas, taking these tips into consideration can go a long way when it comes to keeping your employees happy. A recent Gallup study focused on the connection between productivity and employee morale, according to Businessweek. The results showed that companies lose approximately $300 billion each year in the U.S. due to employee disengagement. In the end, there is little to be disputed about the significance of staff happiness.