Predicting Niche Trends

Predicting Niche Trends

by Jake Woolley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

We all know fads come and go, but fast-moving niche trends provide a great opportunity to make extra sales and grow your customer base. Even without a magic crystal ball, you can still predict what will soon become popular and what your customers will want to buy.

Design Idea B89Z Earrings

A symbolic pair of earrings inspired by the circular tribal tattoos worn by the Quileute wolf pack in the movie Twilight.


Use these tips to plan ahead as you keep your designs in sync with your customer demographic and the upcoming niche trends.

1. Know Your Niche
Who are your customers? As you evaluate your target market, determine the demographic you're selling to. Is your customer base full of teenagers or do you tend to sell more to business women? Does your clientele prefer precious metal designs or less costly alternatives? This will give a general focus of the style of jewelry your customers are looking for.

2. Ask Questions
As you strike up conversations with your customers; ask them about their interests beyond their jewelry style. Get them talking about themselves to discover their tastes in fashion and lifestyle activities. General knowledge of a person's preference in music, television, literature and movies can be used in creating jewelry they'll be attracted to.

Think of the nostalgic concepts your customers mention as these themes can be adapted into your designs. If a certain decade was prominent in their life, they may lean towards types of recurring trends from that time period. You won't know until you ask.

3. Fads Gaining Momentum
Since most fads have a short lifespan, avoid playing catch-up to trends that are on their way out. Take time to research a fad before jumping into what you think is a trendy new style. Television and movies are useful resources for what is currently popular and give ideas as to what is up and coming. Next time you go to the movies, take a closer look at the previews to see what Hollywood is planning for their next blockbuster hit. How can you incorporate the themes of these new movies into your upcoming jewelry line?

When you're out running errands, stop in a book shop or peruse the magazine aisle of the grocery store. At a glance you'll notice a wave of hot-selling reading material that can translate into hot-selling jewelry. We've all noticed that movies based on bestselling books have been key to what's popular on the big screen. If you plan accordingly you'll have plenty of time to create a trendy line that will coincide with a big movie release.

Here are a few examples of book-to-movie timelines, showing that you have plenty of time to plan ahead. Harry Potter flew off of book shelves in 1997, but the movie was first shown in the theaters in 2001. The novel Twilight was published in 2005 with the first movie release in 2008. Book and movie series can also give longevity to styles, and like the titles mentioned above The Hunger Games and the Percy Jackson series are other examples of popular book-to-movie genres that have the potential for sequels, trilogies or more. What will the next big book-based movie be? Take a look online and begin creating corresponding themed jewelry.
Design Idea A97P Earrings

Golden Snitch earrings inspired by Harry Potter.

Design Idea B8A4 Necklace

Twilight: Breaking Dawn--Bella receives a diamond necklace of priceless worth as a gift.

Throughout your school years you were told to do your homework and things haven't changed. Before starting your next jewelry line take the time to do your niche homework. Talk to your customers and find out what they enjoy, then surf the web and discover all the upcoming books and movies that will spark new jewelry design ideas. Get a sense of the upcoming patterns, colors and themes and you'll have a better grasp of what your customers will want to buy well in advance.

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