For thousands of years, late October to early November has been the transition time between the long labors of summer and the coming winter of contemplation. The Celts, the Romans, the Christians, and modern urban and suburban families all over the world have venerated this time period marking the seasonal transition of life from summer to winter. Celebrations throughout time have melded into our current custom of ghoulish costumes, trick or treat, bobbing for apples and more. These customs step in time naturally with pumpkins in the field, dried shucks of colored corn, and dried leaves that colorfully decorate the neighborhood.

Of all the Pagan holidays, Halloween was always the most popular and widely celebrated. It is not a holiday of evil, as it was originally meant to ward off the evil that might walk the earth. On All Hallows Eve it is said that the separation between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

Pumpkins in the field, sunflowers heavy with seed, goblins and ghouls parade down the street, bed sheets appear on children instead of the bed, cardboard boxes become haunted houses, cotton becomes a home for giant plastic spiders, it's almost Halloween and the traditions of late fall are once again revived for one riotous night.

However you may choose to celebrate your Halloween, we sincerely hope that you have a safe and happy holiday.

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