The Wonderful Life of Dione® Jewelry

Design Idea C83K Bracelet

by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Don't want to wear that Christmas bracelet all year? You don't have to. Get something you can change out easily with the Dione Add A Bead System; it lets you design attractive pieces for yourself and others and gives your customers a way to create their own. Because the system is easy to use, you and your customers can change the look of their pieces quickly and easily, creating multiple designs while using the same base. Start by choosing jewelry from a wide selection of compatible chains, bracelets, earrings or other accessories then customize adding Dione large-hole beads.

The Wonderful Life of Dione® Jewelry The Fire Mountain Gems website has more than 300 Dione Design Ideas in the Gallery of Designs for bracelets, necklaces and earrings using Dione large-hole beads. Each of these designs can easily be changed with Dione beads. For example, the set of earrings in Design Idea BC58 features Dione beads with red and clear glass that are great for Christmas.

But just like that you can create a summery design by substituting yellow cat's eye faceted rondelle beads along with lampworked beads in opaque light blue and turquoise blue. The result is earrings that can be worn for fun social events in the great outdoors such as a poolside cocktail party.

The Christmas-themed bracelet of Design Idea D905 features red and green large-hole Dione beads, as well as a Dione Christmas tree bead. We're going to "flip" this over to an Easter-themed bracelet. We can leave a couple of the green beads on the bracelet, substituting yellow and pastel pink for the red and the extra green beads. Now let's go shopping for a closer look at our choices. Remember that on the Fire Mountain Gems website you can easily find the link to the Dione Add A Bead System home page on the left navigation column under Beads. We'll take an opal rondelle bead in light blue and from the multicolored group, a couple of rondelles with white, pink and yellow in a flower design. The Wonderful Life of Dione® Jewelry

Of course we'll remove the Christmas tree bead. As an option we can replace it with something suitable such as a light Colorado topaz flower.

The Wonderful Life of Dione® Jewelry Let's repurpose another Christmas-themed piece. Design Idea BA4M is a single-strand necklace with red, green, gold and crystal clear beads, as well as alphabet beads that spell out "Joy."

How about we turn this into a bracelet for a soon-to-be graduate? In this example, we'll say the grad's favorite colors are shades of blue, but something more bold than the light blue we used on the bracelet. There are more than 70 beads to choose from in various shades of blue. Let's keep the gold but substitute cobalt blue for the red and green. We'll choose the sparkling cobalt rondelle with silver-finished brass and 32 shimmering facets.

We can also add another shade of blue or add another complementary or analogous color. The Color Wheel is available to check your color choices. Depending on how we want the earrings to match the necklace, we can leave the gold in the earrings or substitute the cobalt beads.

Complementary Color Wheel Analogous Color Wheel

In addition to rondelles, there are oval, round, square, tube shapes and more, such as celestial-themed shapes. Each shape offered in a variety of colors.

There you have it: three examples of how easy it is to use Dione large-hole beads. The Add A Bead System offers a multitude of choices that allow switching out beads for every clothing color and style. Create personalized looks that can be revised again and again for holidays, special events, Mother's day, weddings, anniversaries and other special life events such as graduations, or for no special reason. It's the wonderful versatility of the Dione Add A Bead System that creates satisfied customers and repeat sales.

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