Make-a-Wish Jewelry

Design Idea D319 Necklace and Earrings

by Anne Marie Hunter, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Close your eyes and make a wish.

Have you ever made dandelion wishes, sometimes referred to as fairy wishes or wishes on-the-wind? Make-a-wish jewelry is enchanting. In a very special way, these treasures connect the giver and receiver to a meaningful memory or heartfelt wish. Instilled in each piece is a story that transforms it into a keepsake.

Tubes and Vials Dandelion seeds, or "dandelion wishes" can be placed in glass vials or small bottles and worn as pendants. A collection of dandelion wishes encapsulated in a glass vial will make sweet and meaningful Mother's Day gifts, wedding favors and more.

Dandelion-wish jewelry is only one option for creating delightful make-a-wish jewelry. For example, you can use the vials to encapsulate flower petals from a wedding bouquet or other mementos from life's significant moments. Add tiny crystals, seed beads, glitter--the sky is the limit. An engraved charm, crystal or token can be added to the cork with a jumpring for another special touch.

If you would like to seal the cork in the vial to secure your keepsakes, there are several options including clear E-6000® adhesive, 2-part epoxy or a silicone sealant.

Tubes and Vials Prayer Box Pendants

You can also create meaningful, heart-felt jewelry using prayer boxes by enclosing a wish, prayer or thoughtful message inside. Given to bridesmaids, loved ones for anniversaries or mom on Mother's Day, this gift will be treasured for a lifetime. The heel or back of a bride's shoe, embellished with a prayer box, will make her walk down the aisle even more extraordinary.

Another gorgeous option is to add a wish or tiny treasure to a beautiful handcrafted lampworked vessel focal component. Accent with a charm, birthstone crystal or gem on the top for some extra sparkle or sentiment.

Glass Vessel Focal Components Lockets

Not just for photographs, consider using a locket to create meaningful jewelry for a special recipient. Transform the locket into a keepsake with a wish or message, personal mementos or tiny embellishments such as seed beads--anything that sparks the beautiful memory or occasion.

Clear Hand-Blown Glass Beads Clear Hand-Blown Glass Beads

Add your own imaginative touches to hollow round hollow round hand-blown glass beads. Consider feathers seed beads ribbons or lace, Micro hardware, polymer clay embellishments and more. The sky's the limit with these pretty beads.

Once you add your special objects, there are many options for creating jewelry. Slip a chain through the hole to wear as a pendant. Or, fill the hole with Apoxie® Sculpt, finish with a bead cap and add to a ring bezel.

Explore the magic of make-a-wish jewelry. Friends, loved ones and customers will love it.

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