Improvisational Jewelry Designing

by Bryan Nealy, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Have you ever been so excited about a jewelry design idea you had to drop everything and immediately start working? Of course you have, that was a rhetorical question. But what happens when you sit down at your workbench and dive headfirst into the jewelry piece, only to realize halfway through that you're missing essential jewelry-making components? That some are broken--or worse, your supplier has discontinued them entirely!

Improvisational Designing Now what? Quit? Curse? Grab a bottle of wine and forget about it? All wrong! Instead of those unhelpful (and possibly harmful) solutions, try improvising with alternative components. Adapting to unforeseen hang-ups can lead to a more creative jewelry piece, and a fun story to tell.

What if you don't have the right color of a certain bead or component to match the rest of your design, like Jamie did for this bee-themed bracelet? No need to worry, just try a color you might not have otherwise considered. At, resources such as a color wheel are available to help you choose a color that will complement the other pieces of your design.

Improvisational Designing

Maybe you have the right colors, but not the right sizes, like Esther did with her ''Fancy Hoops!'' necklace? No problem. Changing to a smaller or larger size component might change the mood of the jewelry piece, and lead you in a new direction you hadn't thought of before, yet still be beautiful and fun.

If you're in a bind with missing drops, charms or another type of embellishment, your adaptation skills will be put to the test. In desperate times, cones, cord ends and bead caps can be artistically transformed into dangles, drops, beads and more.
Improvisational Designing

Improvisational Designing Don't let the original purpose of a component hold you back in realizing your vision of the perfect jewelry design.

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