Wholesale Artists Shine

Courtesy of Handmade Business

Above Left:
''I hand fabricate everything from silver and gold, and draw my inspiration from a combination of architecture and nature. I enjoy balancing strong structures with delicate textures and patterns,'' says Megan Clark.
Photo by Jason Dowdle

Above Right:
Garden of Silver jewelry reflects the love and inspiration for the garden and its botanical forms.

Rapt in Maille Left:
Traditional patterns of chainmaille with contemporary decorative elements and a modern, urban design sensibility.

Mary Lowe's signature Russian Princess Necklace grew out of obscure crab trap and fishnet weaving skills she learned from her fisherman father in childhood—embellished decade by decade with pearls, crystal and glass beads in floral motifs until the design reached its current incarnation.
www.wholesalecrafts.com, Artist 21674
Russian Princess Necklace

Salad Bowl Set Left:
This salad bowl set is part of Kathy Hudson’s line of functional and colorful fused glass pieces for home, office, and gift-giving.

Ira Burhans creates stoneware pottery with reticulated glazes in his Palm Harbor, Florida studio that reflect the world around him.
Stoneware Pottery

Fused Glass Artwork Left:
Vividly colored fused glass artwork with strong graphic patterns.

This Lava Orb Trio is part of a fused glass personal adornment line by Barrett Art—inspired by nature, architecture, and the fantastic.
Lava Orb Trio