Boho and Hippie Chic Jewelry

Design Idea 99BE Earrings
by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Natural, free-flowing--those are apt ways to describe Boho Chic, which is a modern update on the hippie styles of the Sixties. The hippie style was, in turn, influenced by several other styles such as Western and Native American, but most especially the Romani or Bohemian styles of Eastern Europe, so we've come full circle.

No Dress Code

Boho and Hippie Chic Jewelry Of course, in the spirit of freedom, there is no dress code. There are few, if any, hard and fast fashion rules--perhaps following tradition and what your "tribe" accepts determines what goes--and that includes a lot. You are only limited by what you are willing to try. It's because of this freedom that Boho Chic is popular with those who like to decorate and accessorize. Some of the characteristics of the natural, free-flowing Boho Chic (as well as hippie and Romani) include layering: long flowing dresses or skirts made of natural woven materials (e.g. linen, cotton) in floral or paisley patterns. Loose fitting, comfortable tops, shirts, blouses can be augmented with jackets, tunics, vests of leather, denim or other natural materials.

What you won't see in Boho or Hippie styles: tight-fitting, ultra-sleek, ultra-modern designs or shapes. No plastic, no furs, no huge blocks of color or flashy pop art. No dominant and stark contrasts in color. Nothing jarring, strident or blatantly attention-getting.

Let's bring it back: cool, easy, flowing. There, that's better.


On top of that free-flowing foundation we can add necklaces, pendants, belts, bracelets, rings, anklets, armlets, headbands, shawls, scarves, gloves and hats. Each of those accessories can be "blinged-up" with feathers, gemstone beads, studs, grommets and much more. Let's take a look at some examples of jewelry and jewelry embellishments for Boho Chic:


Let's start off with bracelets. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has, with its Boho Star™ Collection of finished jewelry, dozens of bracelets made with leather and cotton and other natural materials that are ideal for Boho styles.

Boho Star Bracelet Collection

There are thousands of Design Ideas for bracelets on our website. Once you use the link to arrive at that page, you can narrow the choices to find designs better suited to Boho Chic. For example, we can look for designs that use bone components by simply typing "bone bracelet" in the Search the Gallery bar. The result: instead of thousands of designs, we are now presented with dozens of designs, much more focused and manageable.

You can add a splash of color with your design based on design idea F509, red leather bracelet with bone embellishment. You'll see a complete list of materials upon which you can base your version.

A search for "seed bead bracelet" could result in a design like design Idea G569 which features Crystal Passions® crystals.

While scanning the results of "gemstone bracelet," design Idea E338 caught the eye: this exotic and alluring wirework bracelet featuring a Brazilian agate gemstone cabochon.
Boho and Hippie Chic Jewelry

Boho and Hippie Chic Jewelry


Many devotees of the Boho style also believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones as well as the healing properties of crystals. Aromatherapy uses bead cage pendants containing lava beads infused with essential oils. While necklaces are a great way to focus those energies, pendants are also a popular method of display.

According to one of our resident experts, gemstones that have not been treated (dyed, in this case) have more potent metaphysical properties, but the color of the dye can play a part. For example, magnesite, used by Native Americans, has become a very popular gemstone because of its perceived calming properties and that it looks like turquoise at a more affordable price as displayed in this pendant.
Item Number 8862NB Magnesite Pendant


Boho and Hippie Chic Jewelry With rings, you have a galaxy of choices in colors, materials and styles to add to your ensemble. Here is just a brief sampling of rings appropriate for the Boho ethos:

Just one example from the Finished Jewelry collection, an antiqued stainless steel ring showcasing a shield and fleur-de-lis design, reflecting Celtic and Old World influences that also come into play in Boho Chic.

Just because Boho favors natural materials such as leather cord doesn't mean precious metal is out of bounds--it's natural, too. Below is a Finished Jewelry antiqued sterling silver toe ring with a crystal accent.

From the Gallery of Designs, a ring with amethyst gemstone cabochons and antiqued brass ring finding (left) strikes just the right note of treasured antiquity. Many devotees believe that amethyst has the most potent metaphysical properties.
Finished Rings Finished Rings


Of course, there are lots of choices with necklaces (have you met Fire Mountain Gems and Beads?) for Boho Chic. Like pendants and rings, they are ideal for displaying gemstones, wood beads, bone and other natural materials.

From our Finished Jewelry collection, the multi-gemstone necklace (below) offers lots of variety without looking too sleek or modern. Called a "beggar's necklace" the variety of gemstones was meant to attract attention for donations.

From our Gallery of Designs, this collar-style necklace features an array of quartz crystal beads that are believed by many to focus and amplify energy and thought for great healing effects.
Boho and Hippie Chic Jewelry

Gemstone Beggar Bead Necklaces

Boho and Hippie Chic Jewelry Belts

Belts offer an excellent opportunity to add color and texture to attire. Even simple leather or cord belts can be embellished with beads and metal components.

Here is a braided belt made from woven cord and mother-of-pearl shell drops, ideal for Boho styling.


Brightly colored scarves are a quick and easy way add another layer and are available in ready-to-wear styles.


Intricate headband designs can be woven using a variety of techniques such as kumihimo and seed beads by repurposing bracelet patterns. Think of a headband as a bracelet for the skull, just longer.

"Let Your Freak Flag Fly"

With almost no constraints and choices upon choices upon choices, you have a myriad of design possibilities with Boho Chic. The jewelry-making world is yours for the exploring, and we have it all at your fingertips.

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