Iron-On Crystal Transfers - Made with Swarovski Crystal Components

Twinkling crystals and metallics! Heat-set flat back Swarovski Xilion, laid out in simple-to-use iron-on transfers. These transfers adhere to almost any fabric for embellishment of clothing, home décor and craft items. Its as easy as lifting your iron! Xilion is the name for the new Swarovski 14-facet flat backs.

Laura, from our Warehouse Group, is wearing a jean jacket, décorated with the following Swarovski crystal iron-on transfers: flag, stars, stars and stripe, and eagle.

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Pull off the protective white backing with the Swarovski logo.
Place the transfer on the front side of the fabric in the desired position.
Turn the fabric over on the ironing surface (a table covered with a towel works best) so that the crystal stones are face down.
Lay a double ironing cloth over the fabric with the transfer underneath.
Ironing at the cotton-linen setting is best for most fabrics (more delicate fabrics may need a lower setting). Do not use steam! Firmly press down with the iron over the transfer without moving it for 30 seconds at a time. Turn fabric over, with crystals facing up, and iron again with the ironing cloth placed over crystals.
When the complete design is pressed, while transfer is still hot, press on stones firmly with the ironing cloth as it cools.
When transfer is cold, carefully remove. If any crystals remain on the plastic, replace and iron again. If there are crystals that will not adhere to the fabric, use Jewel Bond glue.

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