Key Fob with Seed Beads and Czech Glass Beads

Courtesy of Preciosa®

Pendant in Black and White

Our manual will help you to create a pendant using strung beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. You will see that this is very simple. The following is merely a suggestion for the basic procedure. You are sure to appreciate the opportunity to make use of your own creative skills, to adapt the appearance and size of the pendant and to choose the material composition and the colors according to your options and your requirements.

The Ball

String 5 rocailles onto the nylon line and bind them together with two knots so that a flower is formed.
A further 4 rocailles belong to each seed bead in the flower: string one seed bead and add 4 seed beads and then string the seed bead again from the other side. Thread 1 seed bead on each of the next three eyes, add 3 seed beads and string 2 seed beads. String 2 seed beads on the last eye, add 2 seed beads and string 2 seed beads (half the ball is finished).
Go to the outer edge, only string one seed bead, add 3 seed beads and pass the line through the top seed bead from the adjacent eye. Then go back to the original seed bead. Pass the line through the seed bead from the adjacent eye again, string 2 seed beads and repeat 2 more times. Only add one seed bead at the last eye: place a 10mm pressed bead inside it before completing it. At the end, reinforce the top eye with threaded nylon line and tie it off with two knots. An eye will be created between the beads with the threading of the nylon thread which you should pass the needle through and pull tight. Pull the end of the nylon line into several seed beads and cut it off.

The Cube

String 4 seed beads, pass both ends of the nylon line through the last bead (a flower will be formed). Add another 7 flowers to the basic flower: the last flower has one common seed bead with the first flower.
Make the base of the cube according to the stitching in the illustration.

Return to the basic circle according to the stitching in the illustration. Then sew a further row of seed beads. Pass the top seed bead through one in the initial row and then string 3 more seed beads. Add the missing seed beads when returning. Sew the top part in the same way as the bottom, make 2 knots, pass the nylon line through several seed beads and cut.
Now start the linking process. String a bead onto an eyepin or a needle and twist the end with needle nosed pliers, attach the chain and close. Place the bead inside before the completion of the cube.

The Tassel

Prepare the tassel. Cut 5x 20cm long strings and fold them in half. Use a sixth longer string to wind around the 5 strings which have been bent in half. Initially form the loop by lowering one side of the long string a little and then returning so that the eye of the loop is created. Start winding from the top and then thread the strings through the eye of the loop when they approach it. Even out the strings so that they are the same length. Thread 5 rocailles onto each string and tie a small knot. Use a ring to connect the tassel with the ball.
The linking process then follows again. String a bead, a rondelle and a bead onto an eyepin or headpin and turn the end using pliers, attach the chain and close.

Assembling the Pendant


Put the individual parts together at the end. Fasten the tassel to the ball, the ball to the bead and the entire pendant to the two rings on the snap hook using a ring. Attach the pendant with the cube and the pendant with the beads and the rondelle to the snap hook using two rings.

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