Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Seed Beads, Gemstone Cabochons and Czech Glass Beads

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Tatiana Koplyk

"Anna Yaroslavna, Queen of France" Set



Picture 1

Photocopy Picture 1 or make a sketch of the necklace of your own design. Transfer the sketch onto the fabric. For each rivoli draw a circle of equal size. Make a small cross-shaped incision in the center of each circle. Glue cabochons and rivolis onto the designated places. A tip: while the glue has not dried, make sure that the rivolis are in the right positions.


Figure 1a

Figure 1b
Sew a basic row of size 15 seed beads around each cabochon (see Fig. 1a). Take an even number of beads. When the whole row is completed go through all the beads for the second time and pull the thread tightly so that the row becomes smooth. Work several rows of peyote stitch around the cabochons (Fig. 1b). The exact number of the rows depends on thickness of the cabochon. Go through the beads of the last row for several times, pulling the thread tightly.


Sew a basic row of size 15 seed beads (Fig. 1a) along each circle for rivolis. Now work a "cup" in peyote stitch. Make 3 rows around 12mm rivolis and 4 rows around 14mm rivolis. Go several times through the beads of the last row pulling the thread tightly. Work one row of size 11 seed beads around all the rivolis and cabochons (Fig. 1a).

Embroidering the Free Space

Figure 2a

Figure 2b

Figure 2c

Figure 3

Figure 4
Embroider the free space between the cabochons and rivolis using beads of different size (Fig. 2a). Sew some bicones around the large cabochons (Fig. 2b and 2c). Trim the excess fabric. Do it as close to the beads as possible. Glue some leather to the back side. Let the glue dry and trim all excess leather. Work a trimming row of beads (Fig. 3). Embroider the lower part of the necklace as shown in Fig. 4, and then decorate it with glass leaves and butterflies.

The Chain

Picture 2a
Picture 2b
Picture 2c
Attach some chain links to the edges of the embroidered part of your necklace. Here is how to make them. Put a bead cap, a large bead and one more bead cap onto a pin (see Picture 2a). Use round-nose pliers to turn down the edge of the pin at the right angle (Picture 2b). Now turn the ring up (see Picture 2c).Work the other links in the same way, just taking a smaller bead for each next link. Attach a completed link to the chain and then close it. Beads of the left and the right parts of the chain should be arranged symmetrically. Attach clasps to the last links of the chain.



Glue the cabochons symmetrically onto a piece of fabric. Embroider the cabochons in the way described above. Work a trimming row using size 11 seed beads. Sew one rondelle at the bottom of each earring (Fig. 2a), then sew five bicones around it.


Trim the excess fabric. Glue some leather to the back side, let the glue dry and trim the excess leather. Work the trimming row (Fig. 3) and embroider the edges as shown in Fig. 4.

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