Bib-Style Necklace with Seed Beads and Czech Glass Beads

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Dariya Gagarina

Diana Necklace

: : : Materials : : :

  • Bead, Czech glass, transparent yellow, 4x6mm oval (6 beads) (N)
  • Bead, Czech glass, black, 4x7mm faceted oval (2 beads) (L)
  • Bead, Czech glass, 5x8mm oval (4 beads) (M)
  • Bead, Czech glass, yellow lined black, 6mm round (2 beads) (P)
  • Bead, Czech glass, pearl, 6x12mm drop (2 beads) (O)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, pearl white, #8 (I)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, milk pearl, #12 (J)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, transparent yellow with pearl coating, #12 (K)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, green, cut (G)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, transparent purple, cut (H)
  • Seed bead, glossy black, #11 Toho (A)
  • Seed bead, matte black, #11 Toho (B)
  • Seed bead, green iris, #11 Toho (C)
  • Seed bead, transparent grey, #11 Toho (D)
  • Seed bead, metallic gold, 1.5mm Toho cube (E)
  • Seed bead, metallic bronze, Toho cylinder (F)
  • Clasp

  • Optional:

  • Seed and bugle beads
  • Clasps

  • The capital letters above are the bead key identifiers, which are referenced throughout the instructions.
Figure 1

Work two symmetrical parts of the necklace base in netting, in A, B (Fig. 1). These A beads serve as link beads in the netting.
Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

The necklace is decorated with five leaves. You can easily see four of them in the photo. The fifth is the biggest one. It is hidden under the fringe. Firstly work the biggest leaf in peyote stitch, in H beads (Fig. 2). Start from the middle and work symmetrically in both directions. While beading the top part of the leaf, attach it to the netting, going through the bead marked in Fig. 1. Embroider this leaf in A, D, I, J (Fig. 3).

The other four leaves are beaded in a different way (Fig. 4). Work the two middle ones in F, G beads. Bead the other two in F altering to E, thus making them curve-shaped as you use beads of different size. Attach the leaves to the base netting as shown in the photo.

Embroider the free space of the netting using M, N, O, P.
Figure 5

Work two 4-bead Ndebele spirals in B, G (Fig. 5). Attach them to the netting, going through L beads. Attach a clasp.

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