Bib-Style Necklace with Cat Pendant, Gemstone Beads and Seed Beads

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Mariana Bogatyreva

Egyptian Summer Necklace

: : : Materials : : :

  • Glues and adhesives
  • Seed bead, silver-lined matte emerald, #8 Toho (A)
  • Seed bead, silver-lined matte amber, #8 Toho (B)
  • Seed bead, silver-lined matte, #8 Toho (C)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, turquoise, #10 round (D)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, cream with pearl coating, #10 round (E)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, red with pearl coating, #10 round (F)
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, metallic golden, #10 round (G)
  • Seed bead, silver-lined matte amber, #11 Toho (H)
  • Seed bead, metallic golden, #11 Toho (I)
  • Bead, Czech glass, matte gold, rectangle (J)
  • Bead, coral, 5mm round (K) (14 beads)
  • Bead, coral, 7x12mm teardrop (L) (9 beads)
  • Bead, metal golden, 5x9mm lacy (M) (7 beads)
  • Cat pendant
Picture 1
Make a full-size sketch of the necklace, or photocopy picture 1, enlarging it to the desire size. Transfer the sketch to fabric for under backing.
Picture 2
Embroider the necklace, sewing seed beads in backstitch (see the photograph or the design). Firstly attach J (Pic. 2) and then add D, E, F around (Pic. 2). When the row is finished, run through all the beads, pulling the thread taut.
Figure 1
Embroider small (triangular) necklace elements. Firstly embroider in A altering to D, E, F, H. Then embroider the bottom rows in B, C.
Figure 2
Trim away all the excess fabric as close to the last row as possible. Glue the leather to the back side. Let the glue dry and trim away all the excess leather. Work the basic edge row in G (Fig. 2).
Connect all the elements by K and M beads (see the photograph).
Figure 3
Embroider the bottom element of the necklace in G and L (Fig. 2).
Attach a clasp to the ends of the strips.

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