Bib-Style Necklace with Fluorite Gemstone Cabochon, Seed Beads and Cat's Eye Glass Beads

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Natalia Bessonova

March Necklace

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  • Bead, cat's eye, white, 5mm round
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, grey-blue, #10
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, lilac, #10
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, violet, #10
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, grey, #10
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, white, #10
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, brown, #10
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, clear, #10
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, grey, cut
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, purple, cut
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, white pearl, cut
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, transparent with rainbow coating, 4mm round
  • Seed bead, glass, white, 9mm bugle bead
  • Seed bead, glass, white, 7mm bugle bead

Picture 1

Make a full-size sketch of the necklace, or photocopy picture 1, enlarging it to the desired size. Transfer the sketch onto the fabric.
Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3
Bead or embroider the cabochon as you are used to. The author beaded the cabochon in the following way.

Bead a chain (Fig. 1) of the same length as the cabochon perimeter is. Connect the last link of the chain to the first one, forming it into a ring (Fig 2). The ring should fit your cabochon tightly. Go back through the last seed bead and start beading another chain (Fig 2) connecting it to the first one. Close it into a ring in the same way.

Go back through the last seed bead and start adding cut seed beads (Fig. 3, 1st row). Bring the needle and thread through the entire row of beads, pulling the thread tightly. Go through the last seed bead of the double chain and insert the cabochon into the bezel. Work the 2nd row (Fig. 3) in the same way. Again, run through this row, pulling firmly on the thread. Add one more row, decorating the cabochon with faceted beads (Fig. 3, 3rd row).
Figure 4a

Figure 4b

Figure 4c

Figure 4d

Figure 4e

Figure 4f

Figure 4g

Figure 4h

Figure 4i

Figure 5
Work cubic right-angle weave (Fig. 4a through 4i). The length and approximate location is shown in the image below.

Attach cut seed beads along the edges (Fig. 5). Fill in the free space between cubic right-angle weave ropes with glass bead twigs in a random order. Insert the cabochon, attaching it by glass beads.
Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8
Bead a chain at the bottom of the necklace (central part) using beads and seed beads (Fig. 6). Add cut seed beads along the lower edge of the chain (Fig. 7). Work similar chains (Fig. 8) on both sides of the necklaces. Use image as a guide for color changes. Attach two parts of the clasp to the ends of the necklace.

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