Artistic Wire® Connector 1:5 Jig

Courtesy of Beadalon®
Placing the Wire Through the Findings Form Place one end of wire (20-24 gauge) 6 inch (15cm) in length through the hole in the findings form and bend about 10mm.
Bending Wire Around the First Peg Pull the wire and go to the right of the center thin peg then (clockwise) around the single larger peg, then down to the first peg as shown.
Wrapping Wire Over Other Pegs Wrap each of the pegs with one complete revolution (clockwise).
Wrapping Wire Back Up to Large Peg After wrapping all 5 of the bottom pegs, go back up to the single large peg.
Take Another Full Wrap Around Peg Take another full wrap (clockwise) around the peg.
Using Pusher Tool on the Design Use the included pusher tool to push the design all the way down to the surface of the finding form.
Cutting Design with Wire-Cutters Un-bend the wire that is through the hole and remove the connector from the form. Separate the two top rings and cut each of the "tail" wires off keeping a complete circular/pear shape on each of the wires.
Twisting Pear Shape with Chain-Nose Pliers Grasp one of the circular/pear shape wires and twist it 90 degrees so that the ring is sideways, do the same on the other side for a mirror image. Connect these two circular/pear shape wires to a jumpring, earwire, or use as a bail, then connect the items to dangle from the 5 rings.

Alternative Design Alternative design: At Step 3 omit the second and fourth pegs for a 3 ring dangle.

Note: Some people prefer to turn the findings form instead of wrapping the wire around the pegs.

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