Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Glass Rhinestone and Antiqued Brass-Finished ''Pewter'' Focal, Gemstone Beads and Glass Beads

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Cut one 21-inch length of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire.
String one golden yellow glass bicone onto one headpin then form a simple loop.

Pass one 6mm twisted jumpring through the simple loop on the bicone drop and one 8mm twisted jumpring. Continue to connect a total of five sets of jumprings to the previous jumpring creating an extender chain.

Attach one 8mm twisted jumpring to the loop on the 38x33mm owl focal and one 6mm twisted jumpring to the loop on the lobster claw clasp.
String onto the beading wire: one crimp, one Accu-Guard™ wire protector and the jumpring attached to the lobster claw clasp. Pass the beading wire back through the crimp. Pull the beading wire so the crimp rests snug against the Accu-Guard leaving approximately 1/4 inch of beading wire on the end.

Crimp then trim excess from the short end of the beading wire. Finish with a 4mm crimp cover.
String the following onto the beading wire, in the pattern of your choice:
  • 14 golden yellow glass bicones
  • Four 4x3mm textured round tubes
  • 12 tigerskin "jasper" rounds
  • Six dark honey glass bicones
  • Three carnelian puffed ovals
  • One golden yellow glass bicone
  • One tigerskin "jasper" round
  • One dark honey glass bicone
  • One tigerskin "jasper" round
Continue to string the jumpring on the owl focal then repeat Step 4 to string the second half of the necklace, creating mirror image of the first half of the necklace.

Repeat Step 3 to secure the strand.
Pass one 6mm twisted jumpring through the last 8mm twisted jumpring attached to the extender chain and the Accu-Guard on the end of the strand then close.


String one tigerskin "jasper" round onto one 3/4 inch headpin then form a simple loop. Repeat to create a second tigerskin "jasper" round drop.
String one dark honey glass bicone onto one 1-inch headpin then form a simple loop. Repeat to create a second dark honey bicone link and two carnelian puffed oval links.
Connect the following components:
  • One tigerskin "jasper" round drop
  • One carnelian puffed oval link
  • One dark honey bicone link
  • The loop on one fishhook earwire
Repeat to create a second earring.

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