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Peyote Stitch Pleasures

Jewelry-making expert Kristal Wick shares her story of learning to love peyote stitch and her public displays of knitting in this entertaining article.
Take a trip downtown with this stunning bib necklace by designer Delia Cepoi. Seed beads, gemstones and more in a muted palette form an arial view of a nighttime cityscape.
Let Yvette Jones' "Silver Flapper Choker" inspire your next seed bead project. You'll love how this choker accentuates the neckline and back and adds flair to any off-shoulder top, dress or pantsuit.

Bracelets with Seed Beads

Snake Skin Made from Twin™
Brick-stitched seed beads form a sleek geometric bracelet in a design that's understated enough to blend in with numerous styles.

Mobile Phone Case with Seed Beads

Essential Detail
Magali Palacio created a one-of-a-kind bracelet with seed beads and Crystal Passions with inspiration from Mother Nature.
Yes, handbags can be jewelry, too! Designer Teresa Ford created a patchwork purse with a rainbow selection of seed beads.
Femme Foxale is a delightful necklace design from Lauren Butler. Using seed beads for a dimensional effect brings the beaded fox to life.
Take your desk from drab to fab by dressing up your favorite pen with a patterned seed bead sleeve.

Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Seed Beads and Pearls

Palm Sunday Set
Make this Potawatomi stitch seed bead bracelet that’s full of color and fun.
Diane McPhee's "Theo" immortalizes the memory of a beloved furry friend. Vivid seed bead stitches paint a picture of a kind, loving animal.

Pouch with Seed Beads and Czech Fire-Polished Beads

Eternal Harmony

Zipper Pulls with Seed Beads

A Flower Made Using Twin
Jump in on the modern geometric jewelry trend with this gorgeous bracelet. The strategic shading and twisting forms make it difficult to discern where one angle stops and the others begin.

Ring with Seed Beads

Mallow Ring
Simply Elegant is the perfect name for this delicate and darling necklace from designer Diane McPhee. It’s beautiful for all special occasions, especially weddings.

How to Create the Circular Brick Stitch

Join Rose to learn how to make the circular brick stitch. This technique creates wonderfully intricate designs to be used on their own or around cabochons and focal beads.

Bracelet with Czech Glass Beads

Farfella Neon
1233 Resources Found
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