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Single-Strand Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set with Seed Beads

Seed Bead Inspiration Mixed Seed Bead Sets
Laura Silverman's "Mother Earth" uses an exciting assemblage of seed beads, gemstones and cord to re-create the stunning natural beauty of our planet.

Seed Beaded Hockey Puck

Seed Beads Hockey Puck Great Gift For Hockey Fans!

Bracelets with Seed Beads

Snake Skin Made from Twin™
Blue goldstone chips and turquoise seed beads create a highly textured and eye-catching necklace from the mind of jewelry designer Ksenia Amador.

Bib-Style Necklace with Seed Beads and Crystal Beads

''Careless Fouette''
Wear each of these necklaces separately or all together. Designer Kathy King knows that the people want options!
Inspired by all things mystical, "Empress of the Fog Dragons" transforms beads and wire into stunning, lifelike creatures.

Ring with Seed Beads

Mallow Ring
The moody greys and blues of this design create a shadowy effect on the flower's petals and highlight the budding tendrils of this alluring necklace.
Yes, handbags can be jewelry, too! Designer Teresa Ford created a patchwork purse with a rainbow selection of seed beads.
Beaded spirits fly about the glittering blossoms and ornate roof of this "Spirit House" cufflet design.

Focals with Seed Beads

Neon Circles
How adorable is this beaded purse from designer Nancy VanDerPuy?! Seed beads were used to stitch a scene of Avalon.
How fun are the brightly colored beads in this unique necklace? Each was handmade with seed beads by designer Suzanne Golden.
Vibrant colors and playful shapes give Barbara Briggs' "Geometric Carnival" bracelet a fun and whimsical nature.

Bracelet with Seed Beads

Spring Meadow--A Woven Necklace
Looking for the perfect clutch purse? Try making your own. Take inspiration from designer Teresa Ford's patchwork clutch purse with gold button closure.

How to Assemble the Beading Loom

Collar-Style Necklace with Seed Beads and Gemstone Cabochons

Arrange feathery plumes of seed beads to create this dramatic collar necklace. Sure to be a show-stopped, this design exudes confidence and commands attention.
1174 Resource(s) Found
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