Zipper Pulls with Seed Beads

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A Flower Made Using Twin

Twin™, a new two-hole seed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, offers much more creativity and options during creative work with Czech seed beads. Try using it and create a simple pendant in the form of a flower. The following is a manual for the production of a simple, but effective decoration. The flat flower made using the new Twin seed beads can decorate any mobile phone, handbag or key ring or it can be used as a pair of cheerful earrings, as part of a necklace or as a semi-product for other more complicated costume jewellery products. We hope you enjoy your beadwork with Twin.
String 10x new Twin seed beads onto a line which is about 12cm long. Slide the strung seed beads to one end of the line and join them into a circle with a double knot on the line. Pass the shorter end of the line through the nearest hole of a Twin and pull the knot into the hole so that it is not visible. Pass the long end of the line through one of the nearest free holes of a Twin seed bead.
In the second row, string a Twin seed bead onto the line and then pass the line through the nearest free hole of a Twin seed bead from the initial ring. Continue in this way a total of ten times in this row. End this row with a firm knot and pull the free end through the nearest hole of a Twin and try to hide the knot in the nearest hole of a Twin. Cut off the remainder of the line. The Twin flower is finished.
Take the flat-nosed pliers and slightly open the ring on the mobile cord, string one of the free Twin holes onto it and then close the ring again using the pliers.

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