With Rings on Her Fingers

Design Idea D82R Ring
by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Like the old childhood rhyme, the style struck are wearing rings on every finger (save the bells on the toes for the holidays). We started seeing it on cutting-edge celebrities--stars such as Rihanna, Zoe Saldana and Lily Collins--and it’s spreading to more mainstream style outlets.

While some wear lots of bling on every digit, others opt for the star-with-supporting-cast look of a coordinated set. So it's a great opportunity for jewelry makers to sell bold, individualistic rings, coordinated ring sets--or both!

Get the Look

The rings in this look scale up and down the formality factor. Some are silver and gold cast metal settings with polished cabochons and faceted gemstones. Others have opted for stretch rings made with silver-lined seed beads and Crystal Passions® crystal for plenty of sparkle and shine.
Finished Rings

Finished Rings Rings are being worn on multiple parts of the finger, too. Some above the knuckle, others below. Rings worn above the knuckle seem to be most popular on the index and middle fingers. For coordinated sets, the most popular fingers for the biggest, baddest ring of all? It's a tie between the ring finger and the middle finger.

Thumbs aren't being forgotten, either, so size your coordinated sets appropriately to include them all. Adjustable settings and stretch rings make it easier for you to sell your designs to more customers.

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