Evidence of Angels

by MaxAnne

When I was 29, I had a traumatic experience that put my life in danger. It was a criminal situation, and I was at the mercy of a man who was out of his mind on drugs. Without going into all the details, the situation had escalated to the point that I knew he realized he could either kill me or leave--and he was considering both. I had been forced into another room and things got quiet. Too quiet. I could feel my body start to elevate off the bed. Didn't know what to do, but I'd heard that Satan could not stay in the presence of Jesus, so I decided to pray. Didn't really know how to pray, so prayed the only prayer I sort of knew... ''Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, ...'' Got every word right and finished. Still silence. Called out, ''Sir?'' ''Sir?'' No response. Slowly went into the other room where he had been and sure enough, he was gone.

Went to a neighbor's house who let me use their phone (crazed man had pulled my phone off the wall). Called a girlfriend who came to pick me up (had to go the hospital). After I'd been examined, she came in to see me. Now, the exam room was simple. A table in the middle of the room, with a single lamp over the exam table, then around the room and onto the walls was darker. I sat on a chair in a corner. My friend came to the door and looked at me as I sat in the dark. Her mouth dropped open and she gasped. Later she told me that she'd never seen anyone with an ''aura'' around them. Well, she has her translation--I have mine. Lights won't save me, but the power of God sure did.

Now, I can't say whether angels are small or large, but I was covered up that night and have had encounters far beyond the boundaries of this page. My belief and faith in God grew to the point that I could no longer sell my soul to the corporate world. I left, and then decided to start my own business. There was another name picked out for the business (my name was incorporated into it), but God woke me up one night telling me that if I wanted to follow him, it had to start with the name. I immediately changed the name of the business to Angelworks. It has taken on a form of its own, not always what I'm thinking, but that's ok.

I'm not in charge of this.

Inspiration for Story: Personal experience