Customer Service Mobile Website FAQ

What is the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app?

A mobile website is a version of a website that is specifically designed to be accessed on a mobile phone.
A mobile app is a program that users download to a mobile phone from an app store.

  • Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers a mobile website; it will display automatically when you visit our website using a mobile phone

How is a mobile website different than a traditional website?

Mobile websites are developed to give mobile phone users an enhanced experience and to work in ways that take advantage of how mobile phones operate.

  • The Fire Mountain Gems and Beads mobile website display is adapted to the smaller screen of a mobile phone and its navigation is adapted to work using touch and a mobile phone keypad. You'll find that the navigation has been simplified and that buttons have been formatted to be "thumb friendly, " that is, easy to hit using your thumbs.
  • The mobile website navigation makes it easier to find and use the information that is most likely to be useful in an "on-the-go" mobile situation. For example, our mobile website's "Contact Us" link at the bottom of each site page, and just give our phone number a tap of your finger (or thumb) and your phone will dial the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Call Center automatically.

What phones will the mobile website work with?

The mobile website works with iPhones OS 5.x and above, Android phones OS 4.x and above and more. The mobile website will work with any mobile phone that has an HTML-enabled browser that supports CSS and JavaScript.

Can I use my mobile phone to shop Fire Mountain Gems and Bead's entire inventory?

Yes! You can shop, select and purchase every product we offer using your mobile phone.

Will items I add to my cart using my mobile phone show up when I log on to my account through my home or laptop computer?

Yes! Just make sure you are logged in whenever you shop. All items you add to your cart when you are logged in will show up on both your mobile phone and your home computer.

Is the entire Fire Mountain Gems and Beads website optimized for mobile phones?

It soon will be! We prioritized the areas that are essential for enhancing your mobile shopping experience. We now have a team of skilled developers and designers working on the website's articles, design ideas, tutorials and other jewelry-making resources and features.

Is it possible that I may switch over to the traditional website when I am visiting the mobile website?

We've made every effort to ensure that your visit to our mobile website will remain within our mobile website. We apologize in advance if we've erred, and we welcome your feedback if ever your visit does happen to switch unintentionally from the mobile to the traditional website. If this happens, simply hit the "back" button of your mobile browser to return to the mobile website and continue from where you were.

Can I choose to switch between the mobile and traditional websites?

Yes, if you wish to. You will find two links at the bottom of the mobile website labeled "Desktop View" and "Mobile View". Select the view you desire to move between the two sites. Note that the traditional website also has these links at the bottom of the page, but ONLY on those pages that also have a mobile website version.