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Topics: Clasps, Multi-Strand, Silk Cord

I am making a necklace with multi-silk cords for that "thick" look. What kind of clasp can I use and how would it be attached? There are 5-6 cords together and quite bulky. Thank you for your help,
- Barbara
You can use almost any clasp with a ring or loop attached to it. Choose one that best suits your finished design, factoring in metal choice, size and functionality, like a toggle or lobster claw clasp.

To incorporate the clasp you choose into your design, knot each cord around the loop of a single eyepin then pull the eyepin through a large cone or cord cap. Finish the end of the eyepin with a wrapped loop, securing your clasp in the loop before making the wraps.

If the loop of the eyepin is too small for all of the cords in your design, consider making your own eyepin with a large loop. Cut a length of wire and form a simple loop on the end using the larger section of the round-nose pliers. For added security use a wrapped loop rather than a simple loop.

- Tim Cronkhite, Jewelry-Making Expert

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